About Us

Here at NEST, we are concentrating in treatment of reflexology, massage and spa.
Our business is growing well since 2010, our first outlet was established in Sunter.
At 2018 we are going to establish our 18th outlet which growing fast and divided in holding outlet and franchise outlet.

Our Culture

Good Therapist

Having a good theraphist is a value for us

Cozy Culture

Our room ambience gives you extra relaxation feel

Nice Price

Very friendly, anyone can come!

Keep in Touch

We want to hear any feedback from you

Training Center

We trains every levels of theraphist and make them graduate with great skills!
Step by step skill training combined with attitude training makes them a valuable person.
Customer satisfaction is the main goal of our training center.



Our theraphist is working with heart and smile

Good Attitude

Pleasuring people thru attitudes born trustiness

Complete Skill Trained

nobody is newbie, all is well trained


Certification program makes them even better

Join With Us


Join with us & make the team more solid!
Show to us your performance portfolios!



Having a business together?
Lets make it happen!


Balance your body health at our place of relaxation. NEST